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  SR Auto Centar “Evropa D&M Dobrosavljević” Kučevo, Tel: 00381(0)12/850-564, Mob: 00381(0)63/362-153  
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New and used car parts sales

Within our company we offer you various spare parts for Mercedes cars which are sold in collaboration with company named «Erich Kratoska». Opel car parts are sold within cooperation with «Eisner Auto City Sud» company. We are collaborating also with company «Karl Skala» and we sell car parts for Renault vehicles, and by cooperating with «Wiesinger» company we are importing «Audi» and «Wolksvagen» parts. Spare parts for these car manufactures are always available in our shop and parts that we might not have at the moment, we are delivering in shortest possible timeline. Biggest suppliers for AC Evropa are «Tip Top Stahlgruber» and «Birner».

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