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  SR Auto Centar “Evropa D&M Dobrosavljević” Kučevo, Tel: 00381(0)12/850-564, Mob: 00381(0)63/362-153  
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About us

    AC Evropa
    AC «Evropa» was founded 2004. Before AC «Evropa» was founded, the owner of AC Evropa Zoran Dobrosavljevic was on specialization in one famous abroad car service center. After years of learning, and aquiring knowledge that was enough for doing stand alone business he founded AC «Evropa».
    Within AC «Evropa» there are:
    • computer diagnostic of car errors system,
    • repair shop,
    • tire repair,
    • AC Evropa
    • car wash service with possibility of self service,
    • spare parts sale,
    • new and used car tires sale,
    • car accessories sales and
    • coffee shop.

      AC «Evropa» works also on car paint jobs and it does towing service in Serbia and abroad as well.
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